Cross- country skiing in Moscow region

“One Day Cross-Country Skiing in Moscow region”
(We usually do classical skiing but skate style skiing is also possible.
Ski tracks are 1,2,3,5 and 10 km)
– If you have no experience in cross-country skiing you also can join our
tour, we have special ski tracks for beginners

09:55 Express train leaves from Savelovskaya train station to the town of
10:58 Train arrives to Dmitrov ( an ancient Russian town, founded in 1154
and called Moscow Younger Brother )
Breakfast in the city center with a short historical walking tour of the
city center
Ski and skiboots rent ( you can take ski pants and other clothing with you
or just ski in what you feel comfortable, better to have warm socks and
warm gloves)
3-4 hours of skiing with a break for a light lunch
19:55 Express train leaves to Moscow
20:54 Train arrives to Moscow (Savelovskaya metro station)
Tour price is 100USD ( 5800 RUB) per person

What is included:
Train tickets, breakfast, lunch, dinner, ski + ski boots rent, English
speaking guide
Please sign up for the tour at or at our facebook