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Moscow + Cities of the Golden Ring of Russia
( Sergiev Posad, Pereslavl Zalessky, Rostov the Great, Yaroslavl, Kostroma, Moose farm, Plyos, Suzdal, Vladimir)

In our tour we’ll try to show you the real Russian country-side, with old magnificent cathedrals and little tiny log huts, the life, which is totally different from the city of Moscow.

Day 1 (Moscow)
Group transfer from airport to Moscow hotel
Dinner in Moscow hotel included
Moscow by Night tour

Day 2 (Moscow)
10:00 departure from hotel to Moscow Kremlin
10:45-12:00 Kremlin tour with 3 Kremlin cathedrals
12:30-13:30 Lunch in a local restaurant Boris Godunov
14:00-15:30 Tour of Red Square + St.Basil cathedral
15:30-16:30 Free time in the center of Moscow (GUM)
17:00 back to hotel
18:00 dinner in hotel restaurant
20:00 Moscow metro tour

Day 3 (Sergiev Posad, Pereslavl Zalessky, Rostov the Great)
8.00 Check out and take bus to Sergiev Posad
10.00 The tour of SergievPosad. The Holy Trinity St SergiusLavra, sometimes called “the Russian Vatican”. One of the residences of the Russian patriarch.
Lunch in a local restaurant
13.00 The town of PereslavlZalessky. The church built in 1152 – the very first in this part of Russia..
15.00. The tour of the town called Rostov the Great. The Rostov Kremlin.
Coffee break
18.00. Check in the hotel in the city of Yaroslavl. The 4* hotel SK Royalor Ring Premier.
19:00 Dinner

Day 4 (Yaroslavl, Kostroma)
9.30 The tour of Yaroslavl, where the whole historical center is enlisted in the UNESCO World Heritage.
13.00 Lunch break.
15.00 The tour of the city of Kostroma, with the Ipatiev Monastery – the cradle of the Romanov Royal Family.
18.00 Check in the hotel in Kostroma.Moskovskayazastava hotel or The Old Street hotel (3*)

Day 5 (Moose farm,Plyos)
9.30 In the morning we drive to the Moose farm 20 km far from Kostroma. Moose is the biggest animal of the area. The guided tour with the professional scientist. You can feed the animals and take photos with them.
11.30 To the little town (2000 people) called Plyos. It is famous for its beautiful nature, especially in the Fall time. Tens of paintings were made there by the famous Russian artists, like Isaac Levitan. The paintings are represented in the Tretyakov Art Gallery in Moscow now. The town of artists.
Then we drive through the town called Ivanovo, full of the communist symbolism.The Stalin-time architecture with hammers and sickles in the stucco work.Used to be the very industrial center of the USSR.
18.00 Check in the hotel in Suzdal.

Day 6 (Suzdal, Vladimir)
9.00 The tour of Suzdal.The wooden architecture museum, the St. Euphimius monastery – the former KGB political jail, the Transfiguration of Jesus cathedral 1560, the bellman performance at the monastery, the Market square, the Kremlin (fort) of Suzdal, the Nativity of the Virgin cathedral with the unique Golden doors produced in 1230.
The tour of Vladimir: the Golden Gate tower built in 1164 , the Assumption cathedral 1158 with the unique fresco by Andrey Rublev 1408, St. Demetrius cathedral 1197
15.00 Transfer to Moscow (200 km). The arrival to the hotel approximately at 19.00.

Day 7
Transfer from Moscow hotel to airport

Moscow+ traditional Russian crafts of the Moscow region ( Fedoskino, Zhestovo, Klin, Sergiev Posad)

Day 1
Arrival to Moscow hotel ( Sovetskaya, Cosmos)
Orientation walk- get to know the area around your hotel, change money, ask guide your questions.
Welcome dinner

Day2 (Kremlin tour, Armoury chamber tour, Red Square,St.Basil,GUM)
09:30 Get on the bus for the Kremlin tour
10:45 Kremlin tour with 3 Kremlin Cathedrals
12:00 -14:00 Armoury Chamber tour
14:00-15:00 Lunch
15:00-16:00 Tour of the Red Square
16:00- 17:00 Free time on Red Square
18:00 Back to hotel
Dinner included
21:00 Metro tour
22:30 back to Hotel

Day 3 (Panoramic City Tour by bus)

10:00- 16:00 City Tour by bus
Christ the Saviour Cathedral
Novodevichiy cemetery + convent
Sparrow Hills
Moscow State University
Victory Park
Free time on Old Arbat street
Lunch on your own at Old Arbat street
16:00 Back to hotel
18:00 Performance of the Jepsis theater “Yar” with dinner included
22:00 Back to Hotel

Day 4 Tour to the village of crafts Fedoskino (lacquer miniature painting)+ Zhostovo (painted trays)

Learn about Russian national crafts of Moscow region. Take a tour to
Fedoskino village, famous for lacquer miniature painting. During the
tour you will visit the factory where Fedoskino lacquer boxes are made,
explore the village where local artists live, visit the museum of
Russian national crafts. Enjoy Russian tea with traditional Russian
pies ( pirogi) and after lunch break you are welcome to visit Nadezhda
Strelkina’s art studio “Fairy world”.

Nadezhda Strelkina is a painter of Fedoskino lacquer miniature, working
in this sphere for more than 20 years. She is a well know fantasy
artist in the world and her art works are licensed on different
products in many countries. The creation of the highly acclaimed
“Symphony of Angels” porcelain plate collection for the Bradford
Exchange has won her the prestigious award “Collector’s Choice New
Artist of the Year 1997”

09:00 Start driving from Hotel to the village of Fedoskino , 35 km to the
north from Moscow
10:30 Tour of Fedoskino Factory
11:30 Tour of the museum of the Russian national crafts of the Moscow region
12:30- 13:30 Russian tea ceremony
13:45- 14:30 Visit to Nadezhda Strelkina art studio
15:00– Lunch included
16:30-18:00 Zhostovo ( ZHOSTOVO PAINTED TRAY) – 40 km from Fedoskino village

Lacquer painting on metal of the Moscow region-Zhostovo painting,
belongs to the family of “Russian Lacquer” and is knows as one of the
most famous Russian brands.

Tour of the factory + museum of painted trays
20:00 Back to Hotel
Dinner included

Day 5  Tour of Sergiev Posad  (Russian Vatican+ birth place of the Russian wooden doll, Matreshka)

09:00 Get on the bus and start driving to Sergiev Posad , 75 km to the
north from Moscow.
10:30-12:00 Tour of the St. Sergius Holy Trinity Monastery.

The Trinity Monastery remembers such famous Russian czars as Ivan The
Terrible and Peter the Great who set out there on piligrimage. Today
the monastery is the summer residence of the Russian Patriarch and the
most important spiritual centre of the Russian Orthodox Church.The
architectural ensemble of the monastery is included in the UNECCO list
of the World heritage.

During the tour you’ll see ancient buildings of the monastery: The
Assumption Cathedral commissioned by Ivan the Terrible, burial place of
Boris Godunov and his family, necropolis of Russian Patriarchs, the
elegant baroque bell tower built in the 18th century that still has the
biggest working bell in Russia, The Trinity Cathedral where St.Serguis
is buried, The Chapel Over the Well built over a spring discovered in
1644. Pilgrims come here for holy water.

12:00-13:00 Free time to discover the area on your own+ time for shopping
13:00-14:00 Russian Lunch in a monastery Refectory
14:15-15:15 Tour of museum of Matreshka, Russian national wooden doll +
painting class to paint your own Russian wooden doll. Painting class upon
travelers request
16:00 visit to the local food market + walking along old streets to see the
wooden old houses
17:00 Start driving back to Moscow
19:00 Back to Hotel
Dinner included

Day 6 Tour of Klin ( Peter Chaikovskiy house-museum, glass factory, museum of Christmas-tree glass decoration)
09:00 Get on the bus and start driving to Klin
10:30-12:00 Tour of Peter Chaikovskiy house-museum
12:30-13:30 Lunch included
14:00 Tour of the Glass factory
15:30-17:00 Tour of the museum of Christmas- tree glass decorations
Master class upon customer’s request.
19:00 Back to hotel
Dinner included

Day 7 Moscow ( Tretyakov Art gallery, River Cruise)
10:00 Get on the bus and start driving to Tretyakov Art gallery)
11:00-13:00 Tour of the gallery
14:00- 16:30 River Cruise with lunch on boards ( Lunch on your own)
17:30 back to hotel
Dinner included

Day 8
Transfer from Moscow hotel to airport