Russian Roast

250-300g fresh pork, 200g potatoes, 100g salted mushrooms,50g mayonnaise,20g mustard,100 g red bilberries.

Cut pork into pieces, beat it and put into enamel vessel, sprinkle with vinegar, put black pepper, nutmeg,  Spanish paprika, garlic, and vegetable oil and let it stand for 2 hours.
Cut potatoes in large pieces, bake until a brown crust and bake in the oven until ready with salted mushrooms. Put the berries in an earthenware pot and bake in a 250C oven.
Put the meat in a preheated frying pan, roast on both sides, spread mustard and mayonnaise on one side, put the berries on top and then cook till ready.


200g potato,100g onion bulbs,50g vegetable oil,150g bacon, greens.

Grate potatoes and onions on the grinder, pour oil, put salt and mix all well. Form 7-8 cutlets and fry ( on both sides) in a strongly preheated pan until a brown crust appears. Then bake in a 250C oven 10 minutes till ready. Saute’ diced bacon at a moderate heat until golden cracklings begin to form. Separate the cracklings and use the melted lard to saute’ onions cut into rings. Draniki are best eaten hot with cracklings, salted cucumbers and pickled onions.


250g water,400g flour,3Tbsps sugar,1tsp salt,5 eggs,25g yeast,50g vegetable oil.

Dissolve salt, sugar and yeast in warm water. Beat yolk eggs and let rest 30 minutes. Add the flour and oil, beat up again and let the dough rest and then begin to bake.


For 4 servings: 500g fresh-water fish ( perch, dace, ruff),200g salmon,200g sturgeon,200g onion,200g potatoes,100g carrots, spices to taste,1500g water.

Make the strong fish broth, put into cold water cleaned and disemboweled fish and cook 20 minutes.10 minutes before the end of cooking put the spices, baked onions and carrots.
Strain the broth and cool it. Put the cut potatoes into the broth and cook over a low heat until the soup is half-ready. Add the fillet and onions. 3 minutes before the end of the cooking put the cut tomatoes.
Serve with fish-pies, green onions and dill.


300g fresh pork, 2 cloves garlic,50g cream, 50g red wine, spices (black pepper, Spanish paprika, salt, lemon juice, nut-meg)

Cut meat in bars of 2 cm long, put spices and let it stand 2 hours. Then add cream, mix all well, use the pork to fill accordingly prepared pig’s intestines and tie the ends with a thread. Lay the filled sausage into a preheated pan. Fry the sausage on both sides, prick the sausage with a needle to let out air, sprinkle with some dry wine. Bake it in the oven 10 minutes, often pouring it with drippings.
Serve hot stewed cabbage, potatoes and other delicious home-made things.


200g pike fillet, 50g salmon fillet, 10g onions,50g cream, salt, black pepper.

Put fish and onions through the food chopper, add salt, pepper, cream, then mix all well and form 7-8 balls. Diced salmon put in equal parts on each ball and made cutlets (diameter – 5 cm) so as to put the salmon inside. After that put the cutlets on the preheated oiled pan, bake on both sides and then bake on the oven 5 minutes until ready.


1 kg of mutton, 100g red wine,2 sweet peppers,200g cottage cheese ( Brynza),parsley, basil, black pepper, Spanish paprika.

Clean and cut the mutton for portions each with rib-bone (without sinews).Season with spices and greens and put aside for 2 hours. Bake cutlets (both sides) on a hot frying pan sprinkled with oil. Strew in red wine 10-15 minutes. Bake both sweet peppers in the oven until they are half-ready. After cooling make the cut alongside, stuff with cheese and bake until ready. Put the roast on the dish and serve hot.


300g beetroot, 200g potatoes,50g onion bulbs,200gherring fillet, rey bread,150gmayonnaise.

Boil beetroots and potatoes unpeeled. Cut cooled vegetables in bars, dice onions. Season with mayonnaise and mix all well. Fry rye bread on both sides. Put the portions of salad and herring on toasts, decorate the salad with greens.


Duck,400g potatoes,100g carrots,100g onions,3 apples, 400g cabbage

Thoroughly wash the duck outside and inside, rub with salt and black pepper, put in the deep vessel, pour oil, 500g water and stew 30 minutes. Then add potatoes cut in large pieces, carrots, onions in bulbs, and stew another 40 minutes. Then bake the duck in the oven 15 minutes, pouring it with drippings .Bake apples and stew sauerkraut seasoning it with drippings of the duck. Serve on the dish with stewed vegetables, baked apples and home-made salted mushrooms and prickles.