Back in the USSR!

Discover the most famous Soviet fair. Take the tour of the Exhibition of Achievements of National Economy or VDNH. It is a chance for you to see the country that does not exist any more and to learn how efficient Soviet propaganda machine used to be.

Opened in 1939, it was Stalin’s visual PR statement aiming to brainwash people into thinking that Communism was superior to Capitalism, to glorify his policy of industrialization and collectivization. The triumphs of that policy cost millions of human lives.

Itinerary and must-see attractions to explore:

Meet your guide at the lobby of your hotel and take metro to VDNH metro station

1. The statue of Lenin

2. Stunning buildings including the USSR, the Ukraine and the Uzbekistan pavilions.

3. The Friendship of Nations fountain

4. The Stone flower Fountain

5. The East-1, Gagarin’s rocket booster

6. Lunch at a good Russian restaurant

7. The Buran, a Soviet space shuttle

8. The Mig 29, a legendary Soviet jet fighter, and much more.

9. Worker and Kolkhoz Woman – a sculpture by Vera Mukhina – the most famous example of the social realism style.

10. Optional cycling around the nearby park (Moscow Botanical Garden of Academy of Sciences)

Duration of the tour: 4 or 5 hours/ half day tour

Tour price: 150 USD

Transportation: Moscow metro

During the tour you’ll dive into another dimension by seeing and visiting some of the amazing pavilions. Each building represented an industry or one of the Soviet republics showcasing the achievements of Soviet economy.

The territory of the fair is about 2,35 km2. It is bigger than the Principality of Monaco.

And it is perfect for cycling. We are going to rent a bicycle , 3 wheeler bicycle, a segway or electro scooter in order to do as much as possible.